Hello, I am glad to greet you on my page! My name is Denis, I am from Nikel, Murmansk region in Russia. I create infographics and data visualization.

On this page I present my works designed either for web or paper.

Let us develop some interesting infographics together, using your data! Drop me a message in facebook or send me email:

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Population density

This heatmap shows the density of population by Barents region municipalities. It's a first graphics of its kind, that shows municipalities of four Barents region countries in one frame together.

Flowchart for bordercrossings

The data is about monthly number of two-ways bordercrossings at the Storskog station on the Russian-Norwegian border.


Planning development of Tømmerneset area near Kirkenes.
Finnmarken newspaper, 2014

How-to-get map

Ecofarm Green field near Saint-Petersburg.

Protests in Ukraine

This kind of heatmap was very popular among many newspapers and websites in January 2014.


70 years anniversary

70 years anniversary in Pechenga district. Map of celebration events in the double-truck of newspaper.
Pechenga newspaper, 2015

Syrian refugees

The story on revolution in Syria and refugees that run through district of Pechenga to Norway
Pechenga newspaper, 2015

Zelenograd bus routes

Still I cannot remember which bus goes where in Zelenograd. A couple of times I got the wrong bus, going to my job or home, so the desire was to map routes once and for all. I've chose to show just internal routes, where my monthly ticket is acceptable.

Forgiving from society

The poll results visualization. Poll was about the opinion who must be forgiven from the Norwegian society: children of German soldiers, children of Russian soldiers, mothers of those kids, etc.
SVA, 2014

Double-truck infographics

Implemented projects in Pechenga district.
Pechenga newspaper, 2015

Dark Ecology

A3 scheme for particiapnts of Dark Ecology project.
Dark ecology project, 2015

Kirkenes-Sabetta route

General distances and route for transporting stone from Kirkenes to a new Russian LNG-terminal port Sabetta.
SVA: sva.no, 2014

Structure of expenses

The structure of Pechenga district municipality budget expenses.
Pechenga municipality, 2014

Semi-joking map of Pazretsk

The map quite detailly covers an area of where Russia, Norway and Finland meet each other.

Newspaper authors timeline

Inversia. For the 150th issue anniversary.
Inversia newspaper, 2014

Nikel map 2.0

Updated map for Nikel, now 3D buildings for easier feeling of the town as whole.

Tragedy in Eredvi

Infographics for
Novaya Osetia newspaper, 2014

Map of Zapoljarnyy

Standalone A3 version. Before publishing this map, no one knew what is there inside Zapoljarnyy. How buildings and streets relate to each other. The town was covered by a mist of uncertainty.
SIVA, 2012.


News map over Sør-Varanger kommune

Snap.svg, JQuery, Google Drive's editable spreadsheet as a source of data, JSONP, QGis for charting the map.
The app detects the location of the news automatically, it's just enough to write the location's name in the spreadsheet.